This has been my favorite class since staring college! Jacki incorporates teaching methods to suit a variety of students’ learning styles. Classes were fun-filled and I excelled thanks to her creativity. Thanks for keeping it interesting!

Brenda Student

A great learning environment was established from the start. I have already recommended her to other students and even to my coworkers.

Richard Therapist

She’s well organized, patient, understanding and brought a smile to each class. I will value her feedback for years to come as she has impacted my life in a number of ways.

Stephanie – Student

I fully enjoyed your class! Everything Jacki did was informative. She’s very clear in conveying to the class exactly what she expects even while not using our voices. We paid closer attention and learned at a faster rate using our eyes and not our ears. I’ve learned more than I thought possible in one semester! She’s a wonderful, patient and consistent teacher. I’m disappointed that she‘s not teaching my next class. Keep doing what you do - it works!

Julie – Learning Support Teacher

The activities this semester really pushed me to work at signing.  It made me practice to the point that even my dog ran from me when she saw me gearing up to practice and looking for a non-judgmental audience! Thank you again for a very organized and substantive class.  Your class put my undergrad sign class to shame! 

Bonnie – Speech Therapist

I really miss seeing you and want to express my eternal gratitude. You know, I have a deaf cousin and it is such a joy that we can sit at the family dinner table now and talk. He said he finally feels like a person in our family - not the outcast. We owe it all to you. THANKS!

Denise – Student

Thanks for your time and for your patience. You are a great instructor and a pleasant person to be around. I hope to see you again soon.

Linda – Student


I am writing this on behalf of Jacki Lazzaro. I first met Jacki during a clinical rotation while I was in nursing school three years ago.  I was very impressed with her professionalism and her extraordinary abilities/skills that she employed while communicating with her deaf client.  Being naturally curious about this fascinating language, I asked her many questions that day about her background as a sign language interpreter and found that she was more than willing to answer any and all of my questions, while still respecting her client's privacy and needs.  Through conversing with her I found that this was more than just her job, it was her true passion.  It is my opinion that very few people in their lifetime truly find the direction their life is to take, but for Jacki she has not only found, but embraced her true calling in life.  It was this quality that made a lasting impression upon me. Three years later, I would find myself inquiring as to how I could take her American Sign Language course at Butler County Community College.

As a former student of Jacki's, I have reflected back upon my semester that I spent taking her class and feel it necessary to mention both her dedication and commitment as a college instructor.  Her open door policy was evident from the start of the semester when she provided the class with multiple websites, her personal e-mail address and even her home phone number, so that should we as students have had any questions about the assignments there was always a way for us to seek help.  She was committed to presenting materials in a myriad of ways, which gave students every opportunity to understand and learn the materials presented, thus providing us with a solid foundation on which to build our ASL skills.

Her relaxed classroom setting made it conducive to learning this very extraordinary language.  Overall, Jacki provided a general overview of the history of deafness and the importance of the deaf community.  Her willingness and ability to extract the best out of each of her students is a gift in and of itself.  She encouraged us not to be embarrassed about making mistakes, but instead taught us how to learn from them.  Jacki has excelled beyond what it truly means to be a teacher and inspires all those whose life she touches.  Jacki is directly responsible for my desire to want to learn more about this language and has certainly sparked my interest in her teaching the next level of this course.  I only wish the best for Jacki and the much needed quality services that she provides to the deaf and I wish her continued success

Christina – R.N.

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