I really want to thank you for the workshop yesterday. I think I told you that you took a lot of information that I had stored in the back of my head and brought it back to the front. Thanks! I take my job very seriously and I always want to do my best. I will be talking with my supervisor to inform her how great the workshop was and I certainly hope they will continue to have you back for many more.

Carol – Educational Interpreter

I only wish these types of courses would have been around when I was younger, and starting to interpret! Even though I'm retiring this year, I do not want to leave "burned out," and hope to continue to grow in my service to the families in the Deaf community. You are a real blessing to interpreters in our NW PA area. For so long, we felt very isolated here in Erie County. We had the desire to grow, but the opportunities were very limited. I truly enjoyed your workshop presentation, which I feel covered many areas where others had never touched. Thanks for all you do to upgrade and enhance the profession of educational interpreting. Keep up the extremely good work!

Luetta – Educational Interpreter

I just wanted to let you know what a "Wonderful Job" you did. Usually, we are required to attend in-service days where nothing ever applies to us. I could have listened to you all day and the next day and the next day and so on... I felt like I learned a lot of things and you didn’t make a person feel stupid. The things you said made a lot of sense. I am really excited about BC3 in the spring. This sounds like a great start where I can learn from the beginning and of course, from the "BEST"!

Thank you again and don't change a thing. You are a real natural. You are just tooooo cute!!! Keep smiling :)

Debi – Educational Interpreter

Each time I attend one of your trainings, your knowledge of the content and your effective style of presenting are a joy to watch!!!

Marlene – Educational Consultant

I just wanted to email you to let you know some good news!!! I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!! I PASSED THE NIC WRITTEN TEST... FIRST TRY!!! Sorry for shouting... I can't tell you just what this means to me. It is the culmination of my whole life that started with my late father bringing home a card with the manual alphabet on it when I was only 8 or 10 (I am 43 now). I am planning on taking the performance test as soon as I can. Thanks for all of your help and input into my skills. This success is at least in part due to your mentoring. Again, thanks.

Jeff – Interpreter

Jacki is highly qualified to provide constructive feedback to her clients.  As her mentee, I never felt intimidated by her knowledge, but rather encouraged.  She was always willing to collaborate her busy schedule with mine so we could have top quality time together.  Jacki would never rush thru her session with me.  All sessions were kept highly confidential.  She always came prepared so every minute of our time together was profitable.  I would recommend her to any interpreter who would like to improve his / her skills.

Donna – Interpreter 

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